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Laserco DT is a Belgian company, specialized in metal cladding by mean of a power laser.

Laser cladding of metal items (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous) consists in fusion of metallic powder through a power laser beam leading, as a result, to a genuine welded joint with the basis metal with the advantage of introducing a small amount of heat: a strong metallurgical bond without dimensional integrity problem !

Laser cladding process is able to add on the considered item an added metallic layer having the requested properties to guaranty their functionality. We can consider hard alloy cladding or extra-hard, resistant against abrasion, erosion or cavitation, including the possibility of tungsten carbide adjunction, or, even, diamond for the ultimate extreme applications, as well as cladding against corrosion or simply adding metal for dimensional reconstruction.

The laser can also be used, without metal add, for localized surface hardening heat treatment. We are acting in most of the industrial sectors such as steel industry, concrete sector and cement, heavy industry, oil and gas, mining, automotive, mechanical sector, infrastructure,…

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